Belgian Malinois bitch and her baby dog

We breed dogs of stable temperament. Their temperament makes them suitable for development into any working or sporting role.

If you require a highly trainable intelligent working line dog as suitable for Military, Security operations, Explosives and other detection roles, Search and rescue (SAR) or for competition dog sport such as agility, mondioring, IPO etc…Opperste can provide you with a suitable dog. 

Our dogs may suit people who value security at their home or business. 


Breeding program

Why us?

Physically fit

We monitor fitness indicators

Superior health and fitness performance

We understand and monitor coefficient of inbreeding

Superior genetics

We know the genetics without being obsess about it

Family siblings simbol

We ensure sibling contribution


We consider outcross matings


We seek balanced traits


We avoid unfit breeding stock


                                                                                                        Our Puppy Program

Our puppies are whelped and raised within a calm and stable environment allowing them to spend maximum time with their Mother and siblings to learn proper canine social behaviour prior to being homed. 

Our puppies have the opportunity to develop emotionally, socially and physically through exposure to a variety of activities and exercises with the objective of enriching their  spirit, increase their social skills, build confidence, exercise their bodies and stimulate their minds. 

The interaction we have with our pups gives them a solid foundation building confidence, fostering enthusiasm for training and a willingness to be of service


Meet our breeding bitches

Beautiful Belgian Malinois

Nordenstamm Nadine

Litter expected in April 2021

Nordenstamm Nadine (Coco) has been bred to Paxx from Marrax Place, with the litter expected early April 2021. This will be our B Litter for Opperste Working Dogs.

Our A Litter was registered and sold as Nordenstamm T Litter, whelped in September 2020 as a partnership with renowned Malinois Breeders Nordenstamm.

This mating will produce strong, stable pups with the soundness of mind and body and great drive and exceptional potential to excel in sport or operational roles.

Sired by 2020 Belgium National Champion IGP3 – Paxx from Marrax Place. Paxx has also been selected for Team Belgium in the 2020 (2021) FMBB World Championships.

Reservations are now being taken for this litter. $500.00 deposit required and the remainder required to be paid at confirmation of whelping. This litter will be best suited to an active sporting or working role.

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What our clients say

Tracey Jarman
My family and I were very lucky to have purchased a lovely female puppy (Chilli) from Coco's (Nordenstamm Nadine) first litter last year. Renee always kept us up-to-date on Chilli's progress with photos and videos, and helped ensure that our puppy travelled safe and well on her long flight across the country to Perth when she turned 10 weeks old.

Owning our first Malinois has been a huge learning curve for us. The support we have received from Renee since we picked up our puppy has been second to none - whenever we have had questions or have needed guidance or advice about raising and training Chilli, I know I can always count on Renee. She regularly posts helpful articles to our litter's Facebook group and encourages everyone to share pictures and updates on how our puppies are developing and growing.

Chilli is confident, strong and driven, but is also so loving and affectionate and is settling in very well as our family pet. Whenever we take Chilli anywhere, we are always told how striking and beautiful she is. We have started more structured training with Chilli and are looking forward to seeing what she is capable of.

Thank you Renee!
Nick Melbourne
Couldn't recommend highly enough!

From the moment my pup was bred up until it was time for me to pick him up, I received constant updated on the pup's progress!

After I picked him up, Renae has only been a phone call away and always ready to help us with anything we need. It is clear that Renae truly cares about the pups. She breeds and the effort she puts in the early stages of the pup's development. It's obvious wheI would be happy to recommend Renae to anyone!